BDO ESG Awards 2018

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This Awards is open to companies listed on the Main Board and the Growth Enterprise Market (GEM) in the Hong Kong stock exchange. Nominations by third-party or self-nomination are both accepted. Successful applicants will be categorised into four company scales:

eligibility_m_enMAIN BOARDGrowth Enterprise MarketSmall Market CapitalisationMiddle Market CapitalisationLarge Market Capitalisation> HK$30 billion*HK$5 billion - HK$30 billion*< HK$5 billion*
eligibility_enMAIN BOARDHK$5 billion - HK$30 billion*< HK$5 billion*> HK$30 billion*Large Market CapitalisationMiddle Market CapitalisationSmall Market CapitalisationGrowthEnterpriseMarket
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* As at your company’s recent financial year-end date. Should the date fall on a public holiday, please use the last working day before your financial year-end date.