BDO ESG Awards 2022

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The BDO ESG Awards recognises outstanding listed companies in Hong Kong that have made a positive impact in the areas of Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) – those that implement outstanding sustainability initiatives.

Having started in 2018, the Awards was the first in Hong Kong to encourage companies to be more aware of their social responsibility to incorporate sustainability into their business model.

This year, the theme of the Awards is ‘Carbon Neutrality’. In order to tackle the rapid global warming on Earth, enterprises should discharge their corporate responsibility to adopt carbon reduction solutions and demonstrate their utmost effort in reducing greenhouse gas emission generating from their business activities, striving to achieve a long-term ‘net-zero’ carbon emission business model. To recognise listed companies’ effort in addressing this urgent global challenge, the ‘Theme Award’ of this year will be awarded to the company which is determined in achieving ‘net-zero’ carbon emission and with excellent performance in the following aspects:

  • Biggest reduction in carbon emission (absolute and intensity) from business for the year;

  • Carbon reduction initiatives launched during the year that could significantly reduce carbon emission from business in the long-run;

  • Long-term vision and action plans implemented to achieve carbon neutrality.

In addition to the ‘Theme Award’, ‘Best in ESG’, ‘Best in Reporting’, and ‘ESG Report of the Year’ will be awarded to recognise companies that have outstanding performance in the areas of ESG.

The third year’s BDO ESG Awards presentation ceremony was successfully held online for the first time on 23 February 2021 to announce the winners. A total of 30 companies were awarded the ‘Best in ESG’, ‘Best in Reporting’, ‘ESG Report of the Year’, ‘ESG Report of the Year - Technology’ and ‘Theme Award’.